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50% men and 35% women USA will die from heart diseases ( Dr. William R. Davis. Track your plaque. page-  ).
Of the $1.65 trillion dollar US healthcare system, $364.4 billion was due to coronary heart disease in 2004. (page-ix)

"Heart disease is the number-one killer of American men and women today-.." (page-ix)

"To live a longer and better life is to reduce the likelihood of developing heart disease and the average life expectancy of every American would increase by an estimated ten years."

"The underlying cause of heart disease – a decrease in blood flow to the heart and an increase in inflammation in the arteries. These both result from an increased production of “bad” eicosanoids."

"In fact, 50 percent of the people who are hospitalized with heart attacks have normal cholesterol levels, and 25 percent of people who develop premature heart disease have no traditional risk factors at all."

A heart attack is simply the death of muscle cells in the heart from a lack of oxygen.

Causes of Heart Attacks

1. Clot formation: A clot in the arteries caused by a clumping of blood platelets.
2. Plaque instability: An inflammation causes an unstable plaque to break off and block the blood flow in the artery

3. Vasospasm: . Sometimes a spasm in the artery blocks the flow to the heart.

4. Electrical chaos (sudden death): The heart goes into electrical chaos and stops its synchronized beating on its own.


Dr. Barry Sears. The Heart Attack Culprit: Cholesterol Isn't to Blame

"This statistic shows the percentage of the U.S. population keeping one or more of seven heart disease risk factors in check, for the period between 2005 and 2010. Over that period, some 25.5 percent of the population kept only three of the seven risk factors under control." 

Factors Percentage
High cholesterol
Elevated blood pressure


High glucose levels


An unhealthy diet

Sedentary lifestyle


Being overweight





"This year, approximately 785,000 people in the U.S. will have a heart attack for the first time and another 470,000 will have a repeat heart attack."

Johns Hopkins Health Alerts ( 23 Nov. 2013
8:29 AM

The 2013 Johns Hopkins
Heart Attack Prevention White Paper

Roger S. Blumenthal, M.D. 

Simeon Margolis, M.D., Ph.D.


18 March 2012

"The Bill Clinton Vegan Diet

Looking considerably thinner than during his days as a McDonald's hamburger-eating President, Bill Clinton went on TV several months ago to tout the benefits of a vegan diet. Citing Holistic Holiday at Sea keynote speakers Dr. T. Colin Campbell, author of the bestseller The China Study and Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn Jr., author of Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease, as two of the of his inspirations, Clinton said, "I went on essentially a plant-based diet. I live on beans, legumes, vegetables, fruits... I drink a protein supplement every morning, no dairy, I drink almond milk mixed in with fruit, and a protein powder. It changed my whole metabolism and I lost 24 pounds, and I got back to basically what I weighed in high school."

Learn from Bill Clinton's Own Doctors"

Answer is decisively yes to most CAD patients.
Recently, President Clinton began Dr. Esselstyn's plant based diet program which has been shown to stop and reverse heart disease in 100% of people who are compliant with Dr. Esseltyn's diet program. 1
"Amazingly, 99 percent of our program were able to stop or reverse the progression of their heart disease. There were also 2 1/2 times fewer cardiac events such as heart attacks, bypass surgery operations, angioplasties, and hospital admission."
Reference: Page 11, 4th paragraph. in the book "THE SPECTRUM" by Dr. Dean Ornish. Ist edition. Ballantine books, New York publisher.
Based on the results of his 20-year nutritional study, Dr. Esselstyn has shown that a plant-based, oil and dairy free diet can prevent, stop the progression and reverse coronary disease, and its effects.
This was achieved by diet alone +/- medications. Exercise was optional.
These facts are well known for over two decades. Unfortunately, this option of intensive dieting was not offered as an alternative to operative procedures (stent, bypass and balloon dilation.) and always with medications.
One need to consider the effectiveness and safety of these procedures and medications.
Many physicians assume that CAD patients will no adhere to an extremely restrictive diet.
Surgical procedures mainly provide symptoms relief - does not prevented recurrences and death.
CAD patients are advised non-intensive dieting which is not enough to reverse and recurrence of CAD.
It is now well proven by repeat coronary angiograms and other investigations and prolonged symptoms relief and back to old life by patients who adopted an extremely restrictive dieting and adhering to it. They reversed the CAD, prevent recurrences and death over decades.
What are these extremely restrictive diet programs?. Discussed in a separate chapter.

Reference: Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. MD & Dean Ornish MD Explain Bill Clinton's Diet to CNN | 09/24/10


"This year, approximately 785,000 people in the U.S. will have a heart attack for the first time and another 470,000 will have a repeat heart attack."

Johns Hopkins Health Alerts ( 23 Nov. 2013
8:29 AM

The 2013 Johns Hopkins
Heart Attack Prevention White Paper

Your Heart Experts

Roger S. Blumenthal, M.D. 
Director, Johns Hopkins Ciccarone Center for the Prevention of Heart Disease
Professor of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Simeon Margolis, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor of Medicine and Biological Chemistry
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine